Vondenaero Axa x Finn vom Metterursprung

Litter is panned for September 2017.

$3000.00 per pup on main register.

Expressions of interrest welcome.

Update: Axa was inseminated in July and the procedure went smoothly. We are waiting on ultrasound results next week to confirm pregnancy.

Undate: Axa is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound. Puppies are due in the second week of September.

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 SG Finn vom Metterursprung (IMP CAN) IPO3 (WUSV) Kkl passed HD:a-normal ED:a-normal
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 Vondenaero Axa IPO1 HD:'A' ED:'Z'
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Contact Details

Glynis Hendricks
Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0457039941
Email : [email protected]